Friday, June 8, 2012


Teleios Sons express the Fathres DNA.  Unless the children are able to express the DNA of the Father, they are presumed illegitimate. Neither was His seed injected into them, they were not born of the Father. These illegitimate children will not acquire ability or capacity to become as Christ’s or to enter into the Spirit realm. Only spirit can touch spirit. Flesh and blood cannot enter into the presence of the Creator—Heaven.

When the children are unable to express themselves as Christ’s, they have not received the Fathers DNA therefore, they are bastards and not Sons, according to the Bible. There is a void.

Since the Children purpose is to become full grown mature Sons and as the Father is—I AM. There is a foreboding sense of guilt, worthlessness and/or ineptness having only the desire to enter into the Kingdom but can only see the Kingdom from afar or even as unattainable. One think it is robbery and impossible to become like YHVH as His Christ. Perhaps even as their life comes to an end, their spirit opens to receive and perceive the heavenly precepts they could have enjoyed while in bodily form, wishing they could have done, shoulda done more.

Now, it is to late! Sadly, many  come to realize that they are at the 'time of the end' or their 'end time'. Many come to realize that those things that they thought were so relevant, so important and essential parts of their salvation has become not as important and are revealed to have been the real stumbling blocks; things that took their attentions from the weightier matters; those things that should have been that perhaps were rejected.

Mankind was created with both a desire to receive and give. Whether physical or spiritual, one receives balance when both giving and receiving coexist and are in sync with the other. This concept can be seen in the marital union. Therefore, if one continues to receive but do nothing in return or have nothing to give, this creates a void, a disconnect and feelings that one must earn what one is receiving.

This is where that man of lawlessness and thoughts of the accuser, guilt and shame; the doctrine of demons and devils—the devil made me do it concepts dwells. This mindset is seen all of the time and can be seen in assemblies, churches and even relationships.

Every day scores of baby Christians flood Social sites with Scripture of which they may or may not understand neither have they experienced the reality of. I scan over hundreds of posts and photos with quotes that have another persons concepts and sayings that the person who posted is attempting to encourage someone with, thinking it their duty or ministry to fulfill the Great Commission of preaching the Gospel and bringing salvation to all. Yet they have missed the mark! They should be more concerned about their own soul.

They have gained certain knowledge and the basics of salvation. However, they themselves are still disconnected. Somehow they have rejected or have not received the Light that will bring them into oneness of body and soul; Spirit to spirit. They have no real Light within themselves, nothing from their own creative spirit to give! They have not yet experienced or come into their Christ mind to give or true release. One cannot give or release what they do not have. (More on True Release can be found in the book Third Day Sons by JewelsProphet.)

Many having come into the knowledge and the basics of salvation, think that they have arrived and that this is all there is. Therefore, they become unaware of their calling and/or purpose as they dwell in the rudimentary basics as babes living below their means, ever learning but never coming into the knowledge of Truth unto a more perfect man. They then relax into the tradition of knocking on doors or witnessing with words thinking they are to bring salvation to others and to fulfill the Great Commission. Truth is that this great task was appointed and commissioned to the Apostles not the Disciples.

Salvation is a mere stepping stone to walk into ones destiny—ones earthly inheritance is reproducing the Fathers DNA and restoration back to the exact replica of the Creator!

These lower disconnected mindsets not only affect the growth and perfection of the DNA to replicate, many feel as if they are reaching for an untouchable and impossible goal. Or that one must reach their 'time of the end' to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven or perhaps feeling as if they must somehow earn the Promise or that of which they are receiving. The most dreadful and damaging lie of all time from the accuser is that they will be raptured to be with the Lord forever!

Our purpose is to transcend the 1% of the earthly realm into the higher spiritual realm of the 99% of Truth and Reality! The key to connecting is in knowing how to connect to the higher concepts and Precepts or Laws that govern the 99%! This is where many Christians lose connection to the whole. They reject Law, skirting around its precepts to fulfill their own selfishness’s doing their own thing or adhering to some baby teacher or preachers concepts.

When all is said and done, one will either reap the benefits of Divine Law or suffer the consequences of disobedience to it! Divine Law exists and rules whether one accepts it or reject it. For whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap!

Many are so into saving other souls that they lose sight of themselves. Therefore, never coming into Spiritual Reality, maturity or the Mysteries that has been revealed and given to the Prophets and Apostles.  Like it or not, accept it or not, the Prophets and Apostles has been charged to build up the Body as Christ's bringing all into the Unity of Faith to the more perfect way.

It is in our desire to receive and a part of our inherent nature as humans. Unfortunately, many have become acclimated to the many false doctrines and traditions of men that they have lost balance and sight of the true purpose of their existence. That is to transform in order to impart, to release, to give that spiritual part of ourselves that causes Light to overflow with the brilliance of the Divine Creator!  This Light shine to illumine those in darkness, expressing the creativity and likeness of G-D as gods—You are gods declares Scriptures.

Transformation is the purpose of our existence. Whenever we resist a life of selfishness, Spirit transform a particular aspect of ourselves. We came into this world to change our nature to express our godly DNA. The source of our behavior, the desire to receive is either influenced by our ego, self indulgence and selfishness’s or by our Christ mind.

Mankind’s desire became to receive and get stuff; to acquire an anointing with power; to perform miracles rather than becoming Teleios Sons and inheritors of the Kingdom, expressing the DNA of the Father.

Many over-compensate their lack and void with working on one program or another in an attempt to force the anointing and righteousness, which naturally comes to the pliable obedient children as Spirit brings them into the experiences that develops their godly characteristics from faith to faith and glory to glory.

G-D so loved that He gave! I am not talking about tithes and offerings of ones substance and/or time that takes care of the work of ministry, that one may give. So then, how do we balance our inherent desire to receive with the fulfilling desire to give? How do we eliminate the shame, the guilt, the void to experience true happiness and joy?

We receive the Light! We allow the DNA of the Father to take its course, growing in Truth, being pliable as Mother Spirit nurtures us with Her Wisdom bringing us into Christ-hood and Divine Union. We then have something to give; to release; to share!

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